1. What is a headband wig, and how does it differ from traditional wigs? A headband wig is a type of wig that features a headband attached to the front or top of the wig. It offers a quick and easy way to achieve a natural-looking hairstyle without the need for lace or glue. Unlike traditional wigs, headband wigs do not require adhesive, making them more comfortable and convenient to wear.
2. Are headband wigs suitable for different hair types and textures? Yes, headband wigs are designed to be versatile and suitable for various hair types and textures. You don't have to match your texture, experiment with any texture pattern you like.
3. How do I secure a headband wig in place? To secure a headband wig, place the wig on your head like a regular headband, making sure it covers your natural hairline. Adjust the wig to your desired position and use the headband and clips provided to secure it in place.
4. Can I style a headband wig like I would with my natural hair?  Yes, you can wear them down and create various hairstyles by adding accessories like scarves or headbands.

Olivia H - NSW

OMG 😍😍😍

"I was absolutely in love with this incredible drawstring ponytail after seeing it on IG and it’s just as pretty IRL. It’s so soft and honestly the best-smelling hair I’ve ever purchased. I was sceptical but this brand won me won me over. The pretty box, detailed care guide, thoughtful note, free brush and express delivery sealed it for me. The whole experience made me feel special!."

Mia S - VIC

Surpassed Expectations!

"I recently treated myself to some Pearl Pressed clip-in hair extensions from Mane Curator and I am very impressed. I ordered the hair on Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday the delivery was surprisingly quick. The packaging? It’s absolutely luxurious, and opening it feels like unwrapping a special present. These extensions perfectly blend with my relaxed hair like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and they’re incredibly simple to put in. This brand is the truth, and I’m already saving coins for my next purchase!."

Kadrea C - NSW

The Best Hair Ever

"This hair is even more stunning than depicted in the stunning pictures! First off, before ordering I asked a lot of questions, and they were all patiently and politely answered by Ella in customer service. I was curious so I bought a texture sample expecting the hair to be like the kinky straight texture I’ve tried before, but its not. I’m a 4c natural and I’ve bought straight textured hair before, but Sahara Silk is in a class of its own. The way it blends into my hair had me wowed and my husband completely confused. I took it to the hair salon to be curled and even the hairdresser was impressed. It flat irons bone straight and also holds a curl well. As if that’s not enough, the handtied packaging was a classy touch and I love the free keyring with the logo. It’s the little details that make all the difference and it’s refreshing to have nice things like this in Australia. I wish them much success😊."

Nyankol C- VIC

Beautiful texture

"Amazing texture!! First of all, fast shipping and loved how cute they packaged the hair. The supreme springs curl pattern is so pretty and the hair is great quality."

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